3 Steps to Tasting The Glenlivet w/ Candy Waltrip

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Once upon a time I used to model. it's not who I am, but it is something I did. The best memories from that time in my life include this girl right here, model and fellow whisky enthusiast, Candy Waltrip. She is now a Los Angeles based model and blog writer for Travel Pockets. I scrolled back far enough in my Facebook pictures and I even found proof!

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Candy recently checked out The Glenlivet - Nights of Passage Whisky Tasting, and she was kind enough to share her experience for you all, and the 3 steps to tasting whisky- The Glenlivet Way! Enjoy! 

Candy Waltrip and Cassandra Ericson at Bebe Runway show circa 2009!


     I recently attended “The Glenlivet - Nights of Passage” whisky tasting and left knowing a whole lot more about whisky. First, I had no idea that “The Glenlivet” was the largest whisky distillery in the world. They outsell the number two and number three whisky distilleries combined. You may be wondering why I’m saying “The Glenlivet” and not just “Glenlivet”. Apparently, the correct and proper way to identify this whisky is to put the “The” in front of Glenlivet.

     The Glenlivet whisky tasting was a nice introduction to whisky newbies like myself. First question that was asked during the tasting was, “What is the difference between whisky and scotch?” To tell you the truth, I’m so glad that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know the answer to this. They are both a whisky, but the main difference between scotch and whisky is geographic. Scotch is just whisky that is made in Scotland. Now that we have that question answered, here are some of the other things I learned as a whisky newbie.

     The whisky tasting started with a brief history of The Glenlivet, but of course everyone was waiting for the fun part of tasting the whisky! There is a three step process to properly acquire the full experience of tasting whisky :

Step 1 : Swirl your glass and smell the whisky.

Step 2 : Kiss the whisky. Basically let the whisky touch your lips, but don’t actually open your mouth to drink it.

Step 3 : Take a sip and then tilt your head forward for a few seconds and then swallow. If you did this step correctly, the warmth and flavor of the whisky should be felt throughout your mouth only.


     We each had our own seat with three glasses of scotch : 12, 15, and 18 year scotch. Did you know that the 15 year aged whisky is not the 12 year whisky aged an extra three years? And the 18 year whisky is not the 15 year aged an additional three years. They are all completely different flavored scotch whiskies. I’m used to seeing whisky bottles labeled with a year, but the new trend in whisky is starting to move away from that. For example, The Glenlivet “Founders Reserve”, does not have a huge number labeled on its bottle. This information may be nothing new for whisky connoisseurs, but for me it was a wealth of information.

Photo by Candy Waltrip

Photo Provided by Candy Waltrip

Photo Provided by Candy Waltrip

Guest writer : Candy Waltrip from Travel Pockets is a travel and fashion blogger. Born and raised in Japan, she has traveled the world and lived in Norway, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. She currently resides in Los Angeles.