CSA Share Fair - Community Supported Agriculture

What is a CSA? 

CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. Most urban areas have organized Farmer's Markets, but CSA is a step up in organized farm-to-table for the common consumer. No longer do seekers of the freshest, highest quality local ingredients need to travel far or wait for a weekly market. 

Community Supported Agriculture thrives on connecting people with their local producers to strengthen the local food community, encourage sustainable farming practices, and gives people access to healthy food. By building this bridge in people's minds to the source of their food, it increases awareness of seasonal eating and issues that impact small farmers today.

Some farmers deliver directly to you, others host pick-ups in specific neighborhoods. A few provide food year round, others are seasonal. You can pick what fits your individual needs.

What is a Share Fair?

Love is in the air- It's the season to find your CSA match! CSA Share Fair was like speed dating but with local producers and farmers. Casually strolling around the 16,000 square foot industrial space at The Redd on Salmon St in SE Portland, you could find cooking demonstrations, vendors, farmers, locally made products, and even a cookbook swap-meet. If you are in search for a steady supply of diverse, and nutritious ingredients, this is the way to go.

Behind good food, is good people

Essentially, you chat with farmers, discover their roots and practices, and see if their growing season and products are a good match for your needs. The guide came with a handy "Find your Farmer" guide with key terms, a map, and an interactive scavenger hunt! If you were pressed for time, they even had a matchmaker on site to guide you in the right direction! Definitely made the concept accessible for first-timers (like me)!

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