3 Easy Steps to Decanting Wine

I try to surround myself with inspiring, talented, and ambitious people. I look back on a lifetime of acquaintances, classmates, teachers, friends, family members, and I feel so lucky to have known such a variety of personalities. Meet one of my high school classmates, Christy Cozby. After admiring one of her many lovely posts about booze, I invited her to tell me a little more... 

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains marketing affiliate links

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains marketing affiliate links

Q: What advice would you give to help amateur Wine drinkers be more professional?

Get down with decanters. If you plan to serve a younger wine, open 8-12 hours prior to the party or simply decant it. Decanting wine for thirty minutes to an hour allows it to aerate faster, unleashing complexity and opening up more aromas and flavors. Decanters come in all shapes and sizes, adding a unique element to your bar or table. 

Step 1 | Serving an older bottle? Allow the unopened wine to sit upright a full day before opening to allow any sediment to settle. 

Step 2 | Slowly pour wine into the decanter. Once you notice any sediment coming out, stop pouring.

Step 3 | Decant at least thirty minutes before serving in order to get the alcohol at its peak.

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Q: What made you choose the "liquid life" of wine-tending ?

“The liquid life chose me” is what I want to say. The real deal is three years ago I moved back to San Luis Obispo and began pouring at wine tasting rooms while searching for full time work. Today I am happily employed in the communications field...and have yet to walk away from wine. Pouring is too fun. You meet characters of all stripes and there is always more to learn. The industry is inclusive and encouraging. Plus, being involved in two vastly different fields is rewarding creatively.

Q: What are some factors you think are important when opening or running a bar/winery from your point of view?

Flexibility. Patience. Kindness. Endless energy.

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Q: At a cocktail party:  what are 3 must-have ingredients,  or bar utensils you would take with you?

When hosting we keep these three people pleasers on hand:

  • Connemara peated single malt Irish whiskey
  • Trader Joe’s Lemon Sparkling Mineral Water
  • Fresh front yard goodies - lemon, orange, grapefruit, roses


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Christy's Go-to Food + Wine Pairings


Wolff Vineyards Pinot Noir & Cranberry Pork Tenderloin - bright acidity and rich fruit character make this one of the most versatile wines to pair with food

Kynsi Syrah & Abbaye de Belloc - sheeps' milk cheese with a mild, nutty flavor


Laetitia Sparkling & Popcorn - perfect party pairing

Claiborne & Churchill Dry Riesling & Thai - the spicier the better



Christy is an avid reader, writer and volunteer who is lucky to call California’s central coast home. As owner of Christy Communications Consulting, her days are dedicated to designing creative messaging strategies for clients from local service organizations to nationwide foundations. Before branching out on her own, employers included congressional leaders and the California State Senate along with a private lobbying firm and non-profit organization. Weekends you can find Christy pouring wine at Wolff Vineyards in California’s Edna Valley, where she loves to interact with guests and provide food and wine pairing suggestions. 

You can find her on instagram  or her website

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