Weekly Whiskey - Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

This 90.4 proof beauty will ALWAYS have a place in my heart, and in my bar. It is such a cozy familiar aroma and rich taste that transports me from the darkest dive bars in San Francisco, to a swanky hotel bar in Las Vegas or Paris. It's versatile, friendly, approachable, and an excellent reference point for any whiskey enthusiast.

"How do you make the world's best bourbon better? Double the maturation, double the wood exposure." Check out the Video Here (21+ only)

Like wine, choosing the wood for barrels, the barrel making process, is a key component in crafting a final product. Charred or not, American or French Oak. Character, color, flavor, and depth can be manipulated by how long the spirit rests in the barrel. Temperature of the barrel can also change evaporation, and how deep the whiskey seeps into and out of the wood throughout the seasons.

In Woodford's own words, "The first Woodford Reserve barrel is crafted from oak that has seasoned out of doors for nine months and this is completely toasted and charred on the inside – like no other whiskey barrel in the world. The second barrel has been toasted for more than twice as long as the first fill barrel and is then very lightly charred – again unique amongst all the world’s whiskey barrels.  The secret to the Double Oaked character is in the second barrel. A custom crafted barrel with a heavier toast allows flavors of honey, cream, vanilla to be magnified and a light char gives elegant sweet aromatic notes.”