Weekly Whiskey- Pow Wow Botanical Rye

Aged 2 years, and at 45% abv, this American straight rye whiskey is quirky and unique. Although not common in all regions, I have seen it at quite a few establishments on the west coast (California and Oregon). While we usually associate botanical-infused spirits with Gin, this is like finding a unicorn in the whiskey world. If you are wary about this one, let me assure you, it's totally worth taking your tastebuds for a spin. Delve into the unusual, and be pleasantly tickled by this gem! 

This spirit is brought to you by Georgetown Trading which you may know produces John L. Sullivan Irish Whiskey, and 1776 James E. Pepper rye and bourbon. All of which I plan to taste in the future! 

The Founder, Amir Peay, hails from California (Go Gauchos!) and currently is based in Washington D.C.


"The origins of Rye whiskey date back to colonial Pennsylvania.  Early European settlers brought with them the tradition of distilling and as farmers of Rye they quickly made the region famous for its fine Rye whiskey. They also brought with them a set of Old World traditions that evolved in the New World into a form of Folk Magic known as "Pow-wow" (from the native Algonquin term for "gathering").  One common Pow-wow practice involved making various types of herbal recipes.

Inspired by an old Pow-wow recipe for infusing Rye whiskey with herbs & spices, we have taken a fine Rye whiskey matured in new, charred oak barrels, and carefully infused it in tiny batches, over an extended period of time, with Saffron(also grown by early settlers), Orange Peel, and other whole botanicals. No extracts or artificial colors are added. Pow-wow is slowly handcrafted with the finest ingredients to create unique, botanical layers of complexity not found in any other whiskey.

Pow-wow Botanical Rye can be enjoyed like any fine whiskey: neat, on the rocks or in a variety of cocktails."