Weekly Whiskey - Burnside Bourbon 4 year Barrel Aged Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Eastside Distilling's award winning Burnside Bourbon is a beauty to behold. Excellent price point to stock up on this as your go-to for mixing and sipping. At a whopping 96 proof, it gets the job done in a surprisingly smooth way. The label features an antiqued portrait of a man with giant sideburns.

Located in SE Portland, Oregon, the team at Eastside starts with Lenny Gotter (Founder & Director) and Mel  Heim (Master Distiller). Being in the heart of Distillery Row, Eastside knows they need to be true to Portland's craft community to be successful- using small batches, and locally sourced products when possible. 

The 4 year Barrel Aged Straight Bourbon is made up a mash bill which calls for approx 70 percent corn (51% is is legal limit to have bourbon labeling). Young, hot, and a bit immature, this is aged in new oak, then aged in charred Oregon oak for only 60 days to finish it.

Found on Whisky Mag Tasting Course