Weekly Whiskey - BRANCH Raw Honey Rye "White Whiskey"

This is the lovechild of a 2 year collaboration between Dogwood Distilling and Beelocal Honey

An American Spirit, coming in hot at 101 proof. Brought to you by the makers of Union Gin, DL Franklin Vodka, and Haint Absinthe. Handcrafted in Oregon by Matt Hottenroth, a distiller with 20+ years industry experience. The array of spirits produced in small batches, uses domestic and high quality ingredients. Hottenroth's background includes a variety of alcohol-related positions, including installing vineyards, brewing sake, and owning pubs/ale houses. 

I touched base with Jasin Hope from Dogwood Distilling, who gave me the run-down on the specs: 

"Its 80% malted barley 20% malted rye we let the primary fermentation almost finish then we spike it with a bunch of “Bee Local Honey” to kick off secondary fermentation, leaving a drier sweetness from the honey. It is then distilled into low wines and then redistilled doing a proper spirits cut."

Jasin Hope also curates the art on the walls of Branch Whiskey Bar where you can find Branch Honey Rye in NE Portland, Oregon, which is a bi-monthly rotation featuring local artists. 

You can find more info about Dogwood Distilling on Facebook, Twitter @UnionGin & Instagram

Bee Local Honey on Twitter @beelocalhoney

Branch Whiskey Bar on Facebook and Instagram @branchwhiskeybar