Gluten Free Guide to Butcher's Boards & Charcuterie

Gluten hides in the strangest places. Even if everything on your plate looks like pure meat and veggies, Flour & Breadcrumbs are common binders for patés, terrines, and liver mousses.

If you have a serious gluten allergy or intolerance, let this be your quick guide!

DO- Enjoy cured meats that are visibly pure meat. Dried, cured sliced meats are less likely to have additives.

BE WARY- Sausage-looking meats and patés could have hidden binders like brioche crumbs, or flour. I have a lot of respect for servers, but sometimes they are wanting to upsell something to the table, they might not point out items with minute / trace levels of gluten. Honestly, servers are not chefs, they may not be trained on every ingredient that goes into your dish.

DON'T - Eat the bread, unless it's gluten free. 

DON'T - Be rude or ask for substitutions on dishes that are clearly not gluten free. Behind that menu is a chef that spends an insane amount of time and energy to prepare that dish, but also it is priced to be presented as-is. Asking to take something off and add double of something else is not always cost-effective and the business may actually be losing money serving you.

Some other gluten sources you may not think about when ordering Charcuterie: 

Brined Meats- Soy is a common ingredient in marinades, sauces, and glazed foods

Factory Processed Meats - These may be manufactured or packaged in places gluten/soy containing foods are packaged. Try supporting local businesses getting their meats from a local farmer, or better yet, made in house!

Dips & Accoutrements - Bread is obviously not GF, but if you know the restaurant you are going to has an awesome butcher's board, request potato chips, lettuce, polenta chips, or bring a small box of GF crackers and check with the wait staff before eating outside food at your table. Chances are if you are polite and honest about your allergy up front, they likely won't have a problem with it. Bringing enough for the whole table would be rude, if you need to host a large group of GF guests, call the restaurant in advance to let them accommodate your food allergies or intolerances