Blue Apron

I love to cook, and I love trying new recipes, but honestly I don't always have time to do the research. Often times I drop by the grocery store on my way home from being out and about, without a list or a game plan. If I'm starving when I shop I usually end up with a lot of odds and ends, and not fully planned meals. I found a way to take out the guess work, time and energy spent walking through the aisles, or staring endlessly at the bulk bins not knowing what I could really do with the 50 different lentil varieties in front of me.

2 words: Blue Apron. My neighbor turned me onto the company and I've used it off and on over the last year. When I get a big project, and my work schedule ramps up, I log into my account and schedule some deliveries. The package arrives on my doorstep with 3 meals for 2 persons. There are larger packages available but this is the right fit for my needs at the moment.

Cost-wise it is more expensive than shopping for myself, but much cheaper than eating out. I've had only great produce, well-sourced proteins. There is usually a product card describing one of the seasonal ingredients, or letting you know what farm the products were sourced from. Did I mention you can even add some wine pairings? Swoon. Add in the convenience of not wasting time and energy deciding what to eat, I think it is totally worth it. 

How it works: Schedule your delivery date, and how many meals you want with your plan. Add your credit card and the deed is done. You can choose from Meat or Vegetarian options, as well as excluding certain proteins (for example, if you don't eat pork you can uncheck that protein from your orders). Going out of town? Easy, login and choose which weeks you would like to skip. After a while you earn free meals to send to your family and friends so you can share

Here are some photos I shot which prepping for a blue apron meal. Each recipe comes with a step by step picture guide that even my husband likes to follow!




Par La Racine

This week marked my first (and hopefully not my last) major cocktail competition, and I am still coming down to Earth. From all the talent and energy at the event, to the inspiring cocktails, and wonderful support staff, it was truly an unforgettable experience. I couldn't have done it without the guidance of the Oregon Bar Guild, Steve at Creative Ice, and 5 O'clock Rocks. Without further adieu, I'd like to share with you my submission for Bombay Sapphire's Most Imagninative Bartender 2016: Par la Racine

Par La Racine is part of a French Expressions "Manger les Pissenlits par la racine" which translates to "Eat the Dandelions from the Roots". The only way you can eat a living plant from the roots is if you are, in fact, underground, and facing up. This expression is a nice colloquialism to describe someone who is 6 feet under. 

My inspiration evolved around the concept that alcohol was used medicinally for centuries. By using blessings like "To your health", in French "Santé", and Spanish "Salud", alcohol is still used to celebrate our health today. The ingredients used in this cocktail were developed and chosen with quality and healing in mind. We will all be in the ground one day, we need to respect the things we take from the Earth, as we're all part of it.

Kombucha: Probiotics are great for the microbiome and gut health, aids in digestion
Lemonbalm Herb: Calming herb, used for anxiety, and as a sleep aid
Beetroot Concentrate: Circulation, blood pressure, and increases blood flow
Vanilla Bean: improve cognitive performance
Dandelion Root: Lowers inflammation, and boosts immune system
Flower Dew Essence: plant-energy, used for healing

With this cocktail I tried to combine my parallel careers in hospitality and holistic health, it represents myself, my experiences living in France, and my philosophy to "Eat & Learn, Drink & Learn". This drink represents all my aspirations to motivate people to care about what they put into their bodies. 

Santé !

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