The Barrel Thief Lounge + Oregon Spirit Distillers (Bend, Oregon)

When in Bend... oh lordy, when in Bend... seek out all the makers, bakers, and shakers!

If you visit Bend, the food & beverage selections will NOT disappoint. After an already long weekend of drinking and merry-making with my good friend Maia, her colleagues invited us out for a recovery brunch, followed by (you guessed it!) more booze. This was the most memorable stop of my weekend, and hair of the dog yadda yadda (ie: AMAZING BLOODY MARY PICTURED BELOW) saved my life. Check. it. out. The pickled garlic was ahhhhh-mazing.

The award winning spirits at Oregon Spirit Distillers ranges wildly- Vodka, Genever, Rum, and my personal favorite, Bourbon. Yes! Bourbon can be made in Oregon. And it is, very well done. If you don't know what makes a bourbon... Sign up for my mailing list and get a cheat sheet right MEOW:

Oregon Spirit Distillers is a trifecta of a lounge, distillery, and tasting room. You can peer into the distillery and watch all the action (depending on the day) from the lounge. Tours are offered (no reservations required, first come first served).  Their mission statement according to their website:

"To distill with a commitment to local agriculture and Oregon’s bold independent personality.
To bring quality, premium spirit brands which are unique, interesting and outstanding in their class to the world market."

Their products are Oregonian as possible, and the team puts an emphasis on learning. They even use the term "Spirit Geeks"! That is a term I can get behind! A visit here is a completely spiritual experience. Have a taste, tour, then relax with a cocktail on their patio. I noticed they had huge fire pits outside, but as it was 90 degrees out, weren't necessary.

They also have an "Adopt a barrel" program if you'd like to buy a nice gift for yourself or someone special. You can buy a barrel for your bar, and you can even request a specific proof for your spirit!

Some other places to eat + drink in Bend:

Barrio - Tapas + Margaritas Galore
900 Wall - Great Whiskey Selection + Day time Happy Hour Menu is fantastic
Dogwood - Ambiance + Decor + Cocktails
10 Below - Classy Hotel Bar + Pork Belly Tacos + Late night Happy Hour
Atlas - Cider, Cider, + More Cider

No Way Rosé! Watermelon Sorbet Recipe

Need a way to beat the heat?
What better way than some summer favs combined in a frozen, adult drink. 

August 3rd is National Watermelon day, celebrate with this delightfully refreshing cocktail
As always, drink responsibly!

"No Way Rosé" Watermelon Sorbet

(1 batch serves 4-6) 
1 Bottle (750 ml) Rosé
2 Cups Watermelon Puree* (strained)
2.5 oz Fresh lime juice (strained)
6 oz Mint Simple Syrup**

*Watermelon Puree: cube a small seedless watermelon, puree in a blender or food processor until smooth, strain or use cheesecloth to remove seeds and large pieces. 

**Mint Simple Syrup: In a heat proof container combine 1 cup each sugar and boiling water. Add 4-5 mint sprigs and let steep uncovered until room temperature. 

Combine all ingredients and put into a freezer safe container, after 2-3 hours when ice crystals begin to form on the surface, stir and return to freezer. Serve in a wine glass with mint sprig garnish 

Hash Brown Crusted Quiche - Potluck Gold!

This weekend I was invited to the Portland Slow-Food Annual Potluck. Anxious about how my dish would stand up against the best farmers, restauranteurs, chefs, and retailers in Portland, I was seriously struggling to find a recipe! It needed to handmade with love, organic (duh), and stand up at room temperature. Easy to transport, minimal serving utensils.... Really! This is not easy! Quiche is one of my go-to potluck dishes, so I thought I would take a gluten-free twist. Hash Brown crust, and I am super stoked on how it turned out! 


CRUST Ingredients: 

4 medium organic Russet Potatoes (peeled, grated + drained well)

1 tbsp Ghee

1 tbsp Organic Coconut OIl

Salt + Pepper to taste


FILLING Ingredients: 

5 organic free range eggs

1/3 C skim ricotta cheese

1/2 C Spinach (steamed, chopped + drained well)

1 Green onion (chopped)

Salt + Pepper to Taste


Preheat oven to 425 F. Melt the ghee and coconut oil in a pan (should not come to a boil, just until melted). Toss with grated russet potato and salt and pepper. Press into round baking dish firmly, season top again with salt and pepper, and put into hot oven for 20-25 minutes until potato is mostly cooked, and turning golden brown around the edges. Make sure grated potato is drained well, or twist in a clean dish towel to remove excess liquid. If you skip this step your crust will not be as crispy!

While the crust is baking. Combine all filling ingredients. Season well with pepper, keeping in mind ricotta will add a little saltiness so do not over-salt the dish. Lower oven temperature to 350 F, remove crust, and add filling. Smooth top with rubber spatula and put back into oven for 25-35 minutes or until egg is beginning to set and top is toasting.

Let cool and store in fridge until potluck time!